Tune into your
own vibe.

Set your spirit free in a world that embraces personal style and natural diversity.

Whatever you want, whenever you want it - The Stainsbury lets you tune into a lifestyle with it all. Incredibly stylish and sustainable homes, a location that puts everything within easy reach, and a welcoming community that nurtures your soul - this is a world that lets you live like you’ve always wanted.

  • Trout Lake Community Centre
  • Langara College
  • Stratford Hall
  • Lord Selkirk Elementary School
  • Gladstone Secondary School
  • Little Cedar Montessori
  • Tyee Elementary School
  • St. Joseph’s School
  • Equinox Gallery
  • Commercial Street Café
  • Bike Lanes: BC Parkway & Central Valley Greenway

A community like no other

Set between the bustle of Kingsway and Broadway is a community that plays its own tune. Here you’ll discover an unexpected village in the city - where shops, boutiques and bistros create a world within a world - and a welcoming little community that puts everything you want right at your doorstep.

Lord Selkirk Elementary School
Commercial Street Cafe
Trout Lake
Nanaimo SkyTrain Station

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